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Environmental Resources Training for Our Future
Welcome to Sustainable Resources Industry Training!

 ** SRIT is currently not offering any courses for attendees. **


Welcome to 2017 and Australia's leading provider of Industry Training short courses in the water sector. 

We trust that here you will find courses to meet your training needs in any of these vital areas. And don’t forget that we can tailor any of these courses to meet your specific requirements (Courses by Design). Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

From previous courses...

Over 1000 people have attended our courses in the last 6 years and thoroughly enjoyed them. Read what they had to say...

"John was incredibly knowlegeable and an entertaining presenter in Geochemistry.  he gave my brain a thorough working-over!"  Geochemistry course Sydney 2013

"Overall, course presentation was excellent.  Their knowledge and experience was outstanding in their previous fields.  They answered questions well and explained key concepts with clarity from a personal point of view." Berri

"In general I found the course to be very good.  Gave a good overview and was a good intro to Groundwater.  The quality of presentations was very good.  The presenters were engaging and interesting.  It was good to have industry experience apparent!" Perth

"Colin and Tony’s knowledge of the Groundwater course is very impressive, I’m glad I attended the course." Sydney

"Even though I am an experienced user, Royd taught me a great deal about this (SMS & TUFLOW)." Townsville 2012


Sustainable Resources Industry Training provides an integrated program of training based on the Three Tier Model.

First Tier is the Introductory Level. These courses have little assumed knowledge and cover a wide range of material.

Second Tier is the Advanced Level. Courses in this tier cover less topics but at a much deeper and more advanced standard.

Third Tier is the Specialist Level. This training covers a single topic or area of study at a very high and in-depth standard.

Sustainable Resources Industry Training