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Mr John Hillier

John Hillier has over 40 years experience working in the field of groundwater. He commenced work with the Queensland Irrigation and Water Supply Commission, and progressed through its various name changes. He was Principal Hydrologist and Manager of the Groundwater Group from 1988 to 1996, and Manager of Water Assessment and Planning from 1996 to 2001. In 2001 he resigned and became a private consultant in Hydrogeology. While in Government employment, he was heavily involved in National Committees, being a member of the National Groundwater Committee, Secretary, then Chair of the Great Artesian Basin Technical Working Group, Murray Darling Basin groundwater Sub-committee and was President of the Australian Chapter of the International Association of Hydrogeologists.

He has had a very varied professional life, working in all aspects of groundwater, from investigation and drilling to assessment, modelling and management. Since becoming a consultant he has conducted many peer reviews of other consultants work and projects, and been involved in general assessment project, mining, dewatering, GAB projects, Coal Seam Gas and MDBA plans.

Sustainable Resources Industry Training