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Dr Steve Appleyard   BSc (Hons) PhD

Steve Appleyard has been involved with groundwater quality management issues for about 30 years, principally in the Northern Territory and in Western Australia.  He has a PhD in groundwater chemistry from the University of WA.

He has been employed with the Western Australian public sector since 1985, firstly with the Geological Survey of WA until 1996, then more recently as a Principal Hydrogeologist with the Department of Environment and Conservation.  During this period, he also worked with the World Health Organization to co-author texts on managing drinking water quality to protect human health.

Steve is also an Adjunct Associate Professor with the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of WA, and is the Western Australian representative on the National Committee for managing Acid Sulfate Soils (NatCASS).

Sustainable Resources Industry Training