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Dr Noel Merrick   PhD

Dr Noel Merrick  has over 30 years experience working as a geophysicist, hydrogeologist, senior lecturer and Director of a Groundwater Centre. He is one of Australias leading Groundwater Modellers and former Associatiate Professor at UTS in Sydney where this course formed part of the Masters Program.

Dr Merrick has more than 300 publications and reports in the following fields: groundwater modelling, management and recharge, environmental impact, peer reviews, monitoring networks, sustainable yield, geophysics, software and aquaculture.

Noel serves as an associate editor of the 'Hydrogeology Journal'. His recent projects include: pump-and-treat optimisation modelling (Botany NSW); solute transport models for a landfill and a contaminated farm; development of software to manage groundwater hotspots, design of modelling guidelines for the MDBA (Murray Darling Basin Authority) and a Landcare water balance study at Barham.

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