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Dr Dave Reynolds   Ph.D., P.Eng

Dr. David Reynolds focuses on the development and implementation of effective remediation and management strategies for complex and challenging contaminated sites.  David specializes in fundamental conceptual model development through novel, critical and effective field investigation leading to cost-effective and technically sound remediation strategies.  David has over 20 years of practical and academic experience in Australia and North America with extensive experience at sites contaminated with DNAPLs as well as the impacts of climate change and agricultural practice on the salinity of shallow ground water resources.  David is a former Research Director of the Centre for Groundwater Studies, and was the leader of the Hydrogeology Research Group at the University of Western Australia and has acted as Project or Technical Director for numerous contaminated sites, encompassing DNAPLs, LNAPLs, inorganics, and pesticides.  His clients have included chemical producers, waste recyclers, state and federal governments, major oil companies, international mining cartels, and private individuals.  He is the author or co-author on numerous peer-reviewed technical publications on environmental topics, as well as many conference publications, presentations, and posters.  David maintains an active research interest through an on-going relationship with the University of Western Australia, the University of Western Ontario, and Queen’s University.

Sustainable Resources Industry Training