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Daniel Gomes

Daniel Gomes is a Principal Hydrogeologist and Numerical Modeler with 25 years of experience. Daniel was General Manager of Waterloo Hydrogeologic Inc., a world leader and the development and applications of groundwater flow and transport.  He is an experienced hydrogeologist and groundwater numerical modeler with a wide range of experience in mining, water resources and environmental projects. These include monitoring programs, data acquisition, data management, and numerical modeling of groundwater flow and contaminant transport. Mr. Gomes has extensive international experience (worked in projects in 16 countries).  He has led over 50 numerical modeling projects, including high profile environmental projects (discrete fracture assessment and modeling at the Santa Susana Superfund Site for BOEING, fate and transport modeling at the AEROJET Rancho Cordova Superfund Site; pumping and treat optimization modeling at the MEW superfund site in California, modeling review of the FEFLOW fate and transport model prepared for the OLIN Superfund site in Wilmington, MS, for EPA, etc.). Mr. Gomes has also frequently worked as technical expert for U.N. Agencies such as The International Atomic Energy Agency, the World Bank and Pan-American Health Organization. He is the main instructor of a number of Groundwater Modeling short courses, including NGWA’s the New MODFLOW course (taught twice a year in Princeton and Las Vegas).

Sustainable Resources Industry Training