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Dr Olga Barron   PhD

Dr Olga Barron is Principal Research Scientist and a Group Leader “Water in the Resources Sector” in CSIRO Land and Water Flagship. With main research interests related to groundwater systems, she led research on climate change impact on groundwater resources in Australia (NWC), climate change impact on groundwater dependent ecosystems (GDEs), their mapping and monitoring GDEs using remotely sensed data. Her research is often related to integration of various scientific disciplines, incorporating biophysical, social science as well as application of advanced technologies in water management (e.g. desalination). This included research in an effect of urbanisation effects on catchment water balance and nutrient budget, particularly in defining the effect of urbanisation on surface and groundwater interaction, biochemical processes influencing water quality as a result of such changes and development of modelling and monitoring framework

Sustainable Resources Industry Training